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Deep Dive With The Ultimate Playbooks

Starting fresh or looking for inspiration when it comes to hiring, onboarding, and coaching your entry-level sales talent? You’ve come to the right place! Our Ultimate Playbooks are detailed guides with exactly what you need to know.
Ultimate Playbook to SDR Hiring
Ultimate Playbook to SDR Hiring

This fool-proof guide streamlines your hiring process to save you time, effort and stress with real-world advice to make sure every SDR hire is the right hire.

Ultimate Playbook to SDR Onboarding
Ultimate Playbook to SDR Onboarding

This game-changing guide revolutionizes your sales onboarding process, teaching you everything you need to know to train and keep the best of the best talent.

Ultimate Playbook to SDR Coaching
Ultimate Playbook to SDR Coaching

This free resource offers tactical daily and weekly recommendations for a 12-week period so you can develop, refine and help ramp top sales talent.

Find Inspiration In Blogs

Vendition’s blog series tackles the issues you’re facing plus provides helpful insights into how to assess and hire the top sales talent.
Why Soft Skills Matter More than
Why Soft Skills Matter More than Experience

Soft skills have long been overlooked or undervalued in the entry-level hiring process, but they are crucial to identifying who your top hires will be.

How to Help SDRs Handle Rejection
How to Help SDRs
Handle Rejection

Need ideas to help your salespeople embrace and learn from every “no?” Here are three methods plus a bonus idea on tactics to take.

13 Interview Questions Blog Graphic
13 Interview Questions to Identify Top Sales Talent

Get fresh inspiration for your next salesperson interview with these questions, designed to tap situational and behavioral situations.

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Hear Advice From Webinars and Panels

These past panels and webinars are filled with insights from industry leaders on a variety of topics.
In It To Win It: Building A Sales Team From the Ground Up Webinar
In It To Win It:
Building A Sales Team From the Ground Up

Featuring leaders from Convex, Reward Gateway, and Vendition, learn five key insights into building a high performing team.

5 Video Prospecting Insights
5 Video Prospecting Insights
to Improve Your Sales Strategy


Rally your team around the importance of using video with this recording, sharing the top five tips on how today’s sales experts harness the power of video messaging every day.

B2B For the Love of the Game Blog Header
For the Love of the Game:
The Perfect Sales Coach


Learn tips on how to develop your salespeople to their full potential with coaching tips on how challenge and support your team, build connections and much more!

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Building a talented and diverse organization? More than 85% of our candidates are Women or People of Color.
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