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Vendition Sales Apprentices have landed positions at:


Vendition is a Sales Apprenticeship program that gives you the training and experience needed to earn your first job in tech sales.

The Vendition Sales Apprenticeship includes:

A job as a Sales Development Representative

Exclusive access to our Learning Management System

Personalized 1:1 live coaching

Online office hours

Access to our Sales Development Mentors

Lifetime access to our Alumni Network and Events

Plus we pay you $7,500!

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Recent Success Stories

After graduating from college I was having a hard time finding a job without experience. The Vendition Sales Apprenticeship was a great way to get my career started in technology sales.

Sarah Teh, Sales Development Rep at Procore Technologies

Vendition was instrumental to my success from start to finish. They worked with me weekly on anything I needed help with throughout the program - whether it was prepping for specific interviews or how to hit quota consistently, they were always there to share their rich insight and mentor me.

Richard Jo, Business Development Representative at Symantec

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after graduating from UC Berkeley so I thought I’d give Vendition a try. I took the online course while I was still in college and had my Apprenticeship lined up before I even graduated. The Vendition team answered all of my questions and got me the experience I needed to start my sales career.

Marianna Rivera, Enterprise Sales Development Rep at Demandbase

What is an Apprenticeship?

Wikipedia defines an apprenticeship as “a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study.”

While apprenticeships are extremely popular in many countries, they haven’t been widely adopted in North America. Vendition is on a mission to bring Sales Apprenticeships to the United States and Canada and make our Sales Apprenticeship program the future of hiring Sales Development Representatives.

The best way to launch your career in the right direction is through formal training and certification. Don’t spend $100,000 on an MBA. Earn while you learn and apply for Vendition today.

How does the Sales Apprenticeship work?

Step 1

Contact Vendition to meet companies
(completely free)

Step 2

Work at a tech company for 3-months
(earn $7,500)

Step 3

Earn a guaranteed sales job
($82,000 average pay)

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We pay you $7,500 and guarantee you a job

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Hire an SDR with 3-months of Sales Dev experience

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