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About Us

Vendition is run by a group of individuals dedicated to helping recent college graduates and career switchers acquire the skills and experience needed to earn entry-level tech jobs.

Vendition works with over 200 companies to hire and train Sales Development Representatives through their 3-month Apprenticeship-to-Hire program and has helped thousands of sales professionals start their careers.

Coaching Team

James 1

James Nielsen



Hailey Grisel

Director of Talent

Nick 1

Nick White

Corporate Partnerships


Tyler Shaver

Product and Engineering

Marlene Jia

Marlene Jia

Finance & Accounting


Penelope Yamauchi

Corporate Partnerships


Brian Smith

Corporate Partnerships

Gabriella Cuevas by SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco

Gabriella Cuevas

Senior Relationship Manager


Sam Schooley

Lead Apprenticeship Instructor

Kristin O'Donnell by SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco

Kristin O’Donnell

Senior Relationship Manager

Ashley Stewart vsite

Ashley Stewart

Senior Relationship Manager

ariana website

Ariana Bottlewalla

Business Operations


Alexis Clark

Senior Career Advisor


Natalie Minouei

Career Advisor


Julianne Larkin

Career Advisor


Shay Stubblefield

Career Advisor


Miles Mallory

Corporate Partnerships


Eliza Stanton

Career Advisor

Mimi headshot (for website)

Mimi Nielsen

University Relations

mikayla mersereau

Mikayla Mersereau

Career Advisor


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Board of Advisors


David Dulany

CEO of Sales Development consulting firm, Tenbound, David is 100% focused on helping the Sales Development community grow and improve. David is also the owner of The Sales Development Conference.


Trish Bertuzzi

President of The Bridge Group and best selling author of The Sales Development Playbook. Trish is a world-renowned inside sales expert and advocate.


Lori Richardson

CEO of Score More Sales, a sales enablement firm focused on mid-market sales teams. Lori speaks frequently about the sales profession at college campuses and industry events.


Aaron Ross

Best selling author of Predictable Revenue and well known for creating $100 million in outbound revenue at Salesforce. Aaron is known as the Godfather of Sales Development.


Max Altschuler

CEO of Sales Hacker and best selling author of Hacking Sales. Max has created a leading brand of sales events, conferences, and thought leadership.


Becc Holland

Becc is the CEO and Founder of Flip the Script, a business focused on helping Sales Development teams generate results. Becc is one of the most well-respected Sales Dev content creators in tech.

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