Vendition Sales Apprenticeship Now Offers Sales Certification

If you’re new around here, Vendition’s Sales Apprenticeship is an earn-as-you-learn opportunity where participants gain the experience needed to succeed as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). We are always looking for new applicants from all types of backgrounds.

After applying to the program, being accepted, and being matched with a hiring company, Sales Apprentices spend 12 valuable weeks in on-the-job training while being coached and mentored.

Plus, graduates of our Apprenticeship will now be granted an official Vendition Sales Certificate! This achievement validates your skills and will set you up for long-term success in tech sales. 

3 Reasons to Apply to Become a Vendition Sales Apprentice (Now with Certification!)

1. We believe in tuition-free learning.

Yes. Free. And not only that, PAID! Accepted Apprentices who complete the 12-week sales training program earn a total of $9,000 for the hard work they put in learning new skills. Our team is on standby to learn more about your background and help you hone your skills, speak to your experiences, land interviews and build confidence in your ability to crush them.

2. We have a track record of success helping people launch long-term careers in tech.

After completing the 12-week program, 9 out of 10 Apprentices are offered full-time employment and report an average annual salary of $78,570 OTE. If you’re curious to hear career stories from some real people who have gone through our Sales Apprenticeship, take a look at these Vendition Alumni Reviews where they’ll tell you in their own words.

3. Our training can help you boost credibility on LinkedIn for years to come.

As an Apprentice, you’ll work closely with coaches and mentors tracking your progress against clearly defined outcomes related to sales fundamentals that will be crucial to your success. You’ll become proficient in using sales tools, writing email sequences, cold calling, objection handling, and learn to boost your overall professionalism and work ethic. As a graduate, you’ll receive an official Sales Certification and Badge to add to your professional profile. 

I Want to Break Into Tech and Earn a Sales Certification! What’s My Next Step?

That’s great news, and Vendition’s team is here to help guide you in this process! The first step to connecting with a Vendition Career Advisor is to create a New Candidate Profile that will help us understand your goals. This will kick off your application to Vendition’s Sales Apprenticeship.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your application.