Sales Podcasts Sales Books And Sales Resources For SDR Development

Pursuing a tech sales career is an exciting opportunity, and the people interviewing you for Sales Development Representative (SDR) roles want to hear your excitement as a candidate come through in their conversations with you.

Throughout the interview process, the interviewer might ask you what you’re doing to focus on your professional development as it relates to a career in tech sales. They’ll be on the lookout for someone with a growth mindset, meaning that you truly value developing your skills and seizing new opportunities to learn and grow.

Unsure where to begin? Check out the plethora of awesome sales resources we put together in this list to help you develop your skills and get excited about your future career! From sales podcasts to thought leaders you should follow and more, there’s no shortage of inspiration. 

Sales Podcasts & Videos to Learn From

We’ve compiled a list of sales podcasts for you to check out via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, as well as sales-related video content: 

1. 30 Minutes to Presidents Club: 30 minute podcast focused on actionable sales tactics and strategies you can use to win more deals

2. Flip the Script by Becc Holland: Archive of free sales webinars with scripts and examples 

3. 1UP Formula with Morgan J. Ingram: Sales podcast focused on tackling challenges

4. Millennial Momentum with Tom Alaimo: Sales podcast focused on personal development

5. Make it Happen Mondays: Weekly podcast by JB Sales to help you close more business 

6. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling: Sales podcast focused on B2B sales and selling

7. Vendition Video Resources: Archive of free sales webinars with expert prospecting tips

8. Outbound Sales Lift with Tyler Lindley: A podcast to transform your sales development (Fun fact: in addition to hosting this podcast, Tyler works as a Sales Coach at Vendition!)

Sales Books to Read or Listen to 

Whether you’re flipping pages in a hard copy or listening to an Audiobook version, we’ve gathered a list of sales books that will help motivate you and support your development:

9. Gap Selling by Keenan: Focused on how problem-centric selling increases sales

10. Virtual Selling by Jeb Blount: Focused on how to leverage video, tech, and virtual communication to engage remote buyers and close deals fast

11. The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi: Focused on how to build repeatable pipeline and accelerate growth with inside sales

12. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie: A well-known motivational book focused on helping you communicate more effectively, which serves you in sales

13. To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink: A fresh look at the art and science of selling 

14. The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson: Focused on taking control of the customer conversation and relationship-building in sales

15. SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham: Focused on a data-backed selling strategy called SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff)

16. The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer: Focused on 12.5 principles of sales greatness 

Sales Blogs & Online Resources to Tap Into

We pulled together this list of resources which includes sales blogs and online communities that are packed with relevant content to help you conduct intentional research and develop your SDR skills:

17. Ambition’s Sales Performance Blog: Insights, stories, and best practices from leaders

18. Crunchbase Sales Blog: Learn top prospecting strategies and get actionable sales tips

19. Gong Labs: Data-backed sales blog with game-changing strategy insights 

20. HubSpot Sales Blog: Sales tips and templates to help you write effective emails

21. LinkedIn Sales Solutions Blog: Your source for sales strategy and modern selling tips

22. Rev Genius: Community of 27,000+ members featuring free sales content and more

23. Sales Hacker: A variety of articles, resources, and threads for B2B sales professionals

24. Vendition Blog: Insights on how to break into tech through a paid Sales Apprenticeship

Sales Thought Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn

We highly recommend you follow this list of thought leaders on LinkedIn to help you get more visibility into further sales knowledge and continue growing your network. It’s also wise to follow hashtags on LinkedIn like #salesdevelopment and #salestips for this purpose. Check them out:

25. Armand Farrokh: VP of Sales at Pave

26. Ashley Kelly Mealy: VP of Sales Development at Rippling 

27. Becc Holland: CEO & Founder at Flip the Script

28. Eddie Cortez: Senior Sales Development Coach at Vendition

29. Gabrielle Blackwell: SDR Manager of Strategic Accounts at Airtable

30. James Buckley: Host & Sales Content Creator at Sell Better by JB Sales

31. John Barrows: CEO at JBarrows Sales Training

32. Kyle Coleman: SVP of Marketing at Clari 

33. Morgan J Ingram: VP, GTM Talent and Development at Sales Impact Academy

34. Nikki Ivey: Director of Sales Training at Sell Better by JB Sales

35. Sarah Brazier: Mid Market Account Executive at Gong

36. Tyler Lindley: Senior Sales Development Coach at Vendition

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