Top Takeaways From 2022

2022 was quite the year for tech salespeople — for better or for worse. With industry booms giving way to lulls, layoffs, and uncertainty, many of us are just happy to have finally made it to the new year. But for all of its struggles, 2022 undeniably left us with valuable lessons that we should all carry into 2023 and beyond. Here’s our roundup of the top takeaways from the year:

1. It’s important to stay nimble.

In times like these, when the market is a bit slower and companies around the country are looking for new (less expensive) ways to solve today’s challenges, it’s more important than ever to remain quick on your feet. What worked earlier this year may not work now, so you’ve got to 1) stay in tune with current market conditions and trends and 2) adjust your sales strategy accordingly. Don’t allow your team to get so comfortable in their processes that they’re unable to shift to keep up with your clients and prospects. 

2. Creativity is not an option.

On a similar note, the same old outreach strategies just aren’t cutting it anymore. Gone are the days when simple cold calls and basic cold emails were enough to hit your numbers; now, you’ve got to bring the pizazz from the jump if you want to catch a prospect’s attention at all. When it comes to prospecting, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Highly personalized messages, GIFs, and videos (more on this in point 3) are showing up more and more in cold outreach, and for good reason. People buy from people, so you’re more likely to resonate with prospects when you let your humanness shine through!

For more tips on how to bring the heat with your prospecting, check out this video.

3. Video isn’t going anywhere.

So if you’re not already on the wave, it’s time to go ahead and catch it. Video prospecting can improve:

  • Conversion rates by 20%
  • Open rates by 13%
  • Replies by 26%
  • Click through rates by 47%.

Incorporating video into your outreach is a surefire way to enhance your overall sales strategy, and it’s becoming crucial to stand out in today’s market. If you want tips on how to leverage the power of video, check out this webinar recap

4. Mental health matters.

As salespeople, we are taught to be tough, but nobody is invincible. The stresses of last year likely took a toll on you and your team, and understandably so. Check in on your SDRs and find out how they’re really doing. Encourage your team to use their PTO and/or step away from work when they need a breather. Your SDRs are humans, not machines, and deserve to be treated as such.

And, sales leaders, your mental health matters, too. Practice what you preach and know when it’s time to take a day off. Prioritize self care so that you can show up as the leader your team needs you to be.

5. It’s always a good time to upskill.

In tough economic times, it’s easy for SDRs to feel stagnant. Make sure that you are taking the time to upskill your team, using books, webinars, and other resources to help them learn and develop. Empower team members to stretch their leadership capabilities by allowing them to run team meetings or lead development training on a skill they’re really good at. Remember, a great manager supports their team in their current roles, investing in them so that they feel continuously valued, all while preparing them for their future opportunities.

Looking to up your sales coaching game? We’ve got just the resource for you! Download The Ultimate Playbook to Coaching New SDRs.

6. Now is the time for the Apprenticeship model.

Last year, we posted a blog written by former Vendition Channel Sales Manager and current Customer Success Manager at Muck Rack, Brian Smith Jr. about how the Apprenticeship model can answer many of the questions posed by today’s market. He discussed how Apprenticeships free up time, save money, and eliminate risk for hiring companies, allowing them to continue building pipeline while Apprentices gain invaluable experience. 

Brian’s insights stand true today. Vendition’s Apprenticeship can empower your company to keep hitting revenue goals in these uncertain times.

To learn more about how Vendition can help you hire, onboard, and coach top talent, contact us today.