How Vendition Supports Fractional Sales Leaders

Fractional sales leaders, we get you. In today’s ever-changing economic landscape, lots of companies don’t have the resources or pipeline needed to bring on a full-time sales executive. That’s where you come in: the interim sales superhero who, in a finite amount of time, will take a sales organization from good to great or from great to excellent

You mean business, and you’re keen on making the greatest impact in the most efficient way possible. This means that you’re coming in swinging on day one — reevaluating the existing sales structure, hiring new employees and letting others go as needed. The company you’re working for is likely short on in-house hiring and training resources, so you’ll need to lean heavily on your own connections. That’s where we come in.

Read on to learn more about how partnering with Vendition can help you meet your goals and exceed the expectations of your company.

Why work with external hiring resources?

As quickly and efficiently building out a successful and sustainable sales organization is the main part of the fractional sales leader position, you often look to hiring partners to meet the company’s very specific hiring needs. We find that these needs often fall into three main buckets:

  • Diversification of the candidate pool. These companies are often looking to switch up their hiring practices in order to bring a different type of candidate to the table. They are looking for sourcing channels that can bring them people from non-traditional backgrounds, whose unique skills can revolutionize their sales strategy. 
  • Higher candidate quality. Companies want to ensure that they’re bringing the best of the best talent into their sales organization, so they need partners who can help them efficiently and effectively identify top-quality candidates.
  • Training and/or mentorship for new hires. Since you are only at the company for a limited time, you often don’t have as much time to spend training and mentoring new hires. Thus, hiring partners that can offer supplemental coaching are in high demand for professionals like you.

How Vendition enables you

If you’re a fractional sales leader looking to efficiently scale a sales team, a partner like Vendition can set you up for success. 

Looking to build a diverse team? Our talent pool is overflowing with candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, and 86% of Vendition candidates are women or people of color. Our commitment to “potential over credentials” ensures that we consider all candidates holistically, not just based on their educational background or previous work experiences. This, in turn, means that we send you diverse candidates with the transferable skills needed to succeed at your company. 

Want to ensure candidate quality? Our rigorous recruiting process includes assessing candidates for the soft skills critical to early career success, as well a human-led screen that filters the good from the great. This process allows you to get the full story on prospective employees before the interview process even begins. Additionally, we stick to your Ideal Candidate Profile, meaning you save time by only interviewing matches that truly align with your company’s needs. You’re likely to meet your new hire in less than 5 introductions!

Don’t have time to train? We offer a 12-week Mentorship program enabling your new hires to reach their full potential on the job. This dedicated time allows your new hires to further develop their soft skills, like time management and coachability, as well as enhance the technical skills, like cold calling and objection handling, they need to contribute to your sales team.

In addition to all of this, we operate on contingency-based, non-exclusive partnerships. You don’t pay us until you hire from us, and our success is inextricably linked to yours.

Are you a fractional sales leader looking for help building pipeline or growing a sales organization? We can help. Fill out the form below to get started with Vendition.


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