AI In Sales

The world of sales is changing rapidly, and artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in this transformation. AI technology is now being used in sales to automate tasks, streamline processes, and provide valuable insights into customer behavior. In this blog, we will explore how AI is being used in sales, the benefits it offers, and the potential challenges that companies may face when implementing this technology. Whether you’re a sales professional or a business owner looking to leverage the latest technology to drive growth, this blog will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how AI is shaping the future of sales.

The above introduction was written by ChatGPT, the increasingly popular AI chatbot which responds to human queries with computer-generated responses. In this case, we asked the bot to “write a blog intro paragraph about the use of AI in sales.” As you can see, the technology isn’t too shabby, which explains why 37% of sales organizations have incorporated it into their sales strategy. But what does this mean for salespeople and sales leaders? What negative consequences might this technology have?

The prevalence of AI in the sales world begs the question: where do humans fit in? As a human-powered tech company, we’ve got some thoughts:

AI in sales

A few years ago, the rise of automation rocked the sales industry. People were thrilled to be able to automate outreach sequences, as it saved sales representatives a significant amount of time and allowed them to reach out to more people more efficiently. 

Now, artificial intelligence has emerged to further streamline the sales process. With AI, sales teams can quickly pull information from multiple sources, analyze data in real time, and even let the computer craft language and conduct instant message conversations on its own. But this trend towards computerized selling often abandons humanness altogether, thus having inverse consequences on potential customers.

For one, prospects can usually tell when they’re being prospected by a bot. The language is often rigid and stale, lacking the personal touches that are more likely to land meetings. Even as AI develops further and expands its capacity for data-driven personalization, the format remains largely the same and thus painfully identifiable: one short introductory paragraph, a few bullet points that grasp at (but never quite hit) the pain points, and a standard closing paragraph with a less-than-motivating call-to-action. Your prospects have seen this all before, and they are more inclined to connect with someone who approaches them on a person-to-person level. 

Additionally, it can be disconcerting for a prospect to schedule a call based on an outreach email, only to speak to someone whose language and demeanor are nothing like their messages. Here at Vendition, Sales Director Miguel Guerrero encourages sales representatives to be themselves in their outreach, only using language that they’re likely to use in face-to-face conversations. He reminds them that after a pandemic that mandated so much isolation, people crave authenticity and humanness now more than ever. In fact, the Vendition sales team often abandons text-based prospecting altogether, in favor of videos and voice memos which have brought back tonality, commonality, and the idea of real effort being made by a real person.

While AI has inarguably made the act of selling more efficient, it’s also made it less human. That’s why effective salespeople with a high capacity for social engagement are still crucial to the success of any sales organization.

How Vendition helps

If we were selling to robots, then AI would be the solution to every sales problem; however, since we’re selling to human beings, it’s critical to have the right people on your sales team. Vendition can help with that, as we have an ever-growing talent pool of individuals with the right soft skills needed to help you connect with potential customers. Ready to give us a shot? Fill out the form below to get started.


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