Vendition And Sales Hacker Are Hosting An Interactive Panel On The 5 Reasons Top SDRs Are Looking Elsewhere When Considering Companies To Work For

The good news: everyone is hiring SDRs. The bad news: it is really hard to hire SDRs.

As we’re hearing from our partner companies and personally witnessing with how fast our apprentice candidates are being placed, competition for SDR candidates is at an all-time high. 

So how does a company stand out in a landscape like this?

Join Sales Hacker and Vendition as we pair up on Tuesday, February 22 starting at 2pm EST for an interactive panel discussion covering five reasons your company is not attractive to SDR candidates and what you can do NOW to change that. 

Based on insights from 30,000 SDR candidates who applied to the Vendition apprentice program last year and our esteemed panel, you’ll walk away from this webinar with action items to make your company the one SDR candidates can’t wait to work for.  

Get ready to learn: 

  • If remote or in-office jobs are in higher demand.
  • What SDRs are requesting when it comes to diversity and inclusion.
  • Salaries and comp packages that will make you competitive.

You’ll hear from Jason Prindle of BigID, Morgan Ingram of JB Sales Training and Sophia Yamauchi of AsanaUP plus insights from Brian Smith Jr. of Vendition. Talk about a powerhouse panel – plus you have the opportunity to ask questions!

Register today at!

Going to miss out on watching the live webinar? We’ll link out the recording afterward so you can still watch and benefit from the incredible info that was shared!