Top 3 Reasons To Embrace Cohort Learning

Many tech companies come to Vendition looking to fill multiple SDR roles at once (and because we have a pretty deep candidate pool, that’s never an issue!). When companies hire in bulk, this opens the door to a beautiful practice we like to call cohort learning.

In an educational context, cohort learning refers to a group of students moving through a course or program together. In the professional realm, cohort learning happens more often than you might think. Any time you start new hires on the same day (say, to streamline the onboarding process), you can think of this group as a cohort. The same goes for when you pair a new SDR with a veteran SDR in a “buddy” style context. When employees intentionally work together through their tasks and duties, cohort learning is in play.

The idea of ensuring that every new hire has at least one dedicated “friend” may seem trivial, but it can be a huge boost to your sales team. Here are three reasons why you should embrace cohort learning:

It fosters connection and community.

This is perhaps more important than ever in the increasingly hybrid and remote workforce. 94% of executives feel that remote workers are less connected than those who work in person. As many tech companies remain remote for COVID precautions and/or to cut costs, implementing cohort learning is a great way to foster community among new hires. Those who start at the same time may find solace in knowing that others are getting acclimated to their new roles; on the other hand, leveraging the buddy system (a rookie paired with a veteran) puts new hires at ease, knowing they have a dedicated point-person they can go to when needed. The relationships built out of these systems will have a positive impact on your bottom line (more on that to come).

It saves sales leaders and hiring managers time and energy.

This one is two-fold. Starting new hires on the same day makes for more efficient onboarding, as necessary training can be done in groups as opposed to a one-on-one basis. This is a great time-saver for hiring managers and HR personnel. 

At the same time, cohort and buddy-based systems are beneficial for sales leaders and SDR managers. Ever heard a teacher admonish their students, “Ask three before me?” That’s because group learning encourages problem solving and learning with less direct guidance from their higher-ups, and helps your SDR become more resourceful and confident in their own problem-solving abilities. This frees up sales leaders to address the thousands of other things on their plate.

It improves workplace engagement (which boosts your bottom line). 

It’s no surprise at this point that employee engagement boosts revenue. Companies with highly engaged employees see higher productivity, less turnover, and overall improved quality of work. Just as it can be lonely to be the new kid at school, being the new hire at work can be equally as challenging. When employees make friends at work, they are seven times more engaged than those who remain isolated. Never underestimate the power of best friends at work!  

If you’re growing your sales team and looking to leverage the power of cohort learning, a program like Vendition may be the answer you’re looking for. Our Apprentices learn and grow together through weekly coaching sessions, fostering a collaborative and engaging environment. 

Whether you’re looking to hire a cohort or a single SDR, your ultimate goal is to build a high-performing sales team and we can help. Partner with Vendition today.