Social Media Tips For SDRs Do's And Don'ts

Ahh, social media…

One of the most popular, loved, hated, and used things in our world today.

We’ve all heard before,

“Be careful what you put on the Internet, it’s there forever!”

But how true is this statement?

It is definitely known that recruiters and hiring managers may review your personal social media profiles before extending an offer to be a part of their team, so what do you need to do to ensure your social profiles help you shine?

Let’s dig into the DOs and DON’Ts of social media for SDRs to learn how you can successfully turn your social profiles from potential liability, to job landing assets.

4 Do’s of Social Media for SDRs

Do's of Social Media for SDRs

1. Be positive and engaged.

Be involved with your community. It’s important to connect with your followers and remain interested in their content. If you like something, say it! It’s crucial to build bonds with those in your follower’s list and establish a rapport. 

2. Connect with followers whom you feel safe with.

It’s imperative when building a social media presence that you’re connecting with people with whom you feel comfortable and safe viewing your content. It’s natural to want to build a large audience, but make sure you’re connecting with people you’re familiar with. This tactic overall can help make sure you know who is seeing your content, and reflects on you how you want to be seen.

3. Be mindful of visibility.

Keeping your profiles private ensures you have control over who sees your content. Everything you post will be hidden from those who don’t follow you, and if someone wants to follow you, they will not see anything you’ve posted until you approve them. If you don’t want someone to see something, make it private – or just don’t share at all.

4. Build a personal brand! Show what you’re proud of.

Participating in positive discussions on social media can elevate your personal brand. You can post interesting content, relevant articles, respond to other posts, and connect with similar audiences. 

4 Dont’s of Social Media for SDRs

the don'ts of social media for SDRs tech sales reps

1. Overshare private information. 

So much of the world today is public, but that doesn’t mean you have to post every single thing happening in your life. Before you post, think about: “What impression would a future employer have if they read this?”

2. Use vulgar language or profanity. 

Bad-mouthing can make you look disrespectful, unprofessional and negative. These qualities are what most hiring managers are not eager to add to their team.

3. Post inappropriate photos (such as drug use).

Pretty obvious, but as a general guideline, you should never post anything online that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to set eyes on. Photos showing you under the influence of alcohol or any other drug doesn’t make a great first impression.

4. Comment negative or discriminatory content. 

You want to represent your best self online. It’s in your favor to not post anything controversial on your social media platforms, especially when it’s job-applying time and hiring managers may be looking into your personal profiles. Companies want to hire individuals who will represent their brand positively.

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While there are many mistakes on social media that can influence if you get the job, it’s not too late to polish your profiles. Take the time as you start your job hunt to make sure all of your social profiles are representing you as you want them to. 

When in doubt, just remember: keep it clean!

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