Everyone meet Vendition’s newest Candidate Spotlight, Ohiole Dibua 🌟 Ohiole Dibua, meet… everyone! 

From an immigrant family, Ohiole knows the value of hardwork and determination. His time in America has been filled with art, dance and earning an education from West Virginia University, and he’s now excited to translate his learned skills into tech sales.

Ohiole’s creative nature has taken him far in his career. As an NBA dancer for the Spurs and founder of a production company that works with networks such as MTV, ABC News and CBS, he has always had that innovative and entrepreneurial edge – but he’s wanting more for his career.

Ohiole has previous SDR experience as a college intern with N3, where he conducted email campaigns, cold calls, lead generation activities, and held meetings with clients to discuss collaborative ideas. His knowledge and transferable values from this role, plus his other experiences, make him a valuable resource for his next company.

“There isn’t a huge difference between selling art and entertainment, and selling a product. I’m extremely personable and engaging with others, so I know that will help bridge the gap between my experiences.” 

Ohiole’s grit and coachability will make him the ultimate SDR, and he is looking forward to growing the pipeline for your team!

Want to hear more about Vendition’s SDR Candidate? Watch this 3-1/2 minute video from Ohiole on how his creative assets will reflect in an SDR role.


If you’d like to meet him or any of our other Candidates, please email rm@vendition.com to learn more.