SDR Candidate Spotlight Anamaria Pelaéz Saavedra Vendition

Welcome to the Candidate Spotlight!🌟

Anamaria Pelaéz Saavedra: a team-oriented, driven to succeed, and insightful individual with an itch for the tech sales industry. Read on to learn more about this amazing candidate!

Her previous experiences…

Anamaria attributes her love for customer service and sales to her 10+ years in hospitality. She gained an understanding of what it takes to serve and support a team of people, while learning how to connect with different individuals from all walks of life. 

Anamaria transitioned from her career in fine dining and hospitality to tech sales 18 months ago, working as an Sales Development Representative with InsurGrid and Poppin. 

With each role Anamaria takes, she continues to evolve and grow, and she knows she has yet to meet her full potential.

Her drive for sales…

As a first generation Mexican American, Anamaria quickly learned to work hard for everything she has earned. She has dedicated herself to  becoming proficient in platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft, strengthening her communication expertise, and growing her passion for customer service and connecting with others to help solve problems.


I am someone who is hungry to learn, and I want to be part of a team that will build each other up to make ourselves better than we were yesterday. 

Anamaria is more than ready to be a part of your SDR team!

Check out this 2 ½-minute video of Anamaria as she touches on her previous experiences, her drive for sales, and her eagerness to be a part of a successful sales team.


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