I’m extremely excited to announce that Sales Bootcamp™ has acquired Inside Sales Bootcamp and launched a Free Online Bootcamp to help motivated individuals earn their first job in tech.

The vision of Sales Bootcamp since we bought the domain salesbootcamp.com back in 2014 has been to find extremely impressive candidates, provide them with world-class training and coaching, and then place them at great companies. It’s been 3 years and the vision hasn’t changed at all.

Sales Bootcamp has focused on in-person training primarily in San Francisco and New York but we’ve known all along that much of the content can be taught online.

On the other hand, Inside Sales Bootcamp, founded by Mike Duchen and Ryan Reisert in 2016, immediately went broad and put on events in a half-dozen cities around the United States as well as hosted webinars, virtual workshops, and created a great online program of their own.

The acquisition of Inside Sales Bootcamp has allowed us at Sales Bootcamp to accelerate our online training program and bring sales education to a much larger audience faster than we would be able to without them. Most importantly, we’re very excited to have Mike and Ryan join the team. They share our passion for solving this challenging sales education and training problem and genuinely care about each and every student that takes our course.

During the past couple years at Sales Bootcamp, we focused on in-person training but had been limited in how many students we could have in each cohort. These limits helped us keep an extremely high admissions bar but also meant that we were rejecting more than 90% of the candidates that wanted to take our program. With our Free Online Bootcamp we can literally train anyone in the world that is willing to put in the time and stay committed to the program.

After completing our Online Bootcamp, top students can apply for our 3-month in-person paid Fellowship which includes our 12-week/12-module training program and helps them get 3-months of actual sales experience. The students are placed at a partner company while we put them through the fellowship which includes weekly:

  • Online video tutorials
  • Sales assignments
  • Training assessments
  • 1:1 live coaching sessions
  • Daily online office hours
  • Access to the Sales Bootcamp network

If the Online Sales Bootcamp is our masters degree than the Sales Fellowship is certainly our PhD.

To learn more about Sales Bootcamp, the acquisition, or to take our free bootcamp, please visit our new and improved website at: salesbootcamp.com

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