This week, we present to you Sarah Shank with Getaround as Vendition’s Apprentice of the Week!  A native of Portland and recent graduate of Marquette University, Sarah knew she wanted to break into sales upon graduation, and she narrowed her search down to the tech industry after having an internship last summer at a startup.

A sure fit for a sales role, Sarah originally cold-called the CEO at that particular startup to see if they needed a sales intern.  Through the connections she made at that internship, she was introduced to Vendition’s coach Ashleigh who had attended a conference with her internship manager.  She knew she could work with Vendition to find her full-time position to line up for post-grad.


Check out our interview with Sarah to learn her Vendition story:

“Summer going into senior year was my break into tech.  I knew that I wanted to do sales, but going into tech was something I didn’t realize until my internship.  Then around February I started up the job search with Vendition, and it took me a while to figure out exactly the right fit.

“The reason it took me a little bit longer was that originally I wanted to do B2B sales–that’s what I had learned at my internship and what I focused on in my search.  It took a little bit to get excited about B2C sales, but I’m glad I considered it. Now that I’m doing it, I love it!

“I was looking for a powerful sales team – and I chose Getaround for my apprenticeship because everyone’s really passionate and excited about the company and happy to help.  Similarly, I wanted a startup that was a little bit more established. And then I got the offer at Getaround on my graduation day.

“Throughout the interview process, the most valuable thing Vendition gave me was the inside scoop about what specifically the sales managers were looking for.  It was really nice to have some help there and pro tips about the companies because I research a lot before I go into an interview, and this was information I couldn’t have found on my own.

“Day one ‘til now, the biggest change is that I’ve become more confident in myself.  Just being able to speak about what our company does and how we do it is a game changer.  I find myself not asking for help as much, but also leaning into coworkers for advice when I do need it.  The help that I’ve gotten from my team and from Vendition has really helped me come a long way.”

“The great thing about working with Ashleigh is that she gets to know you as a salesperson and an individual.  She helped me with calendar management and organizing CRM on the back end. Sometimes I get a little disorganized, which only hurts my sales process.  Ashleigh taught me how to use my time more effectively.

“Earlier this week I was working late, and I ended up picking up an inbound call who was super enthusiastic about Getaround.  I focused on having a human conversation with them and ended up closing them on the same call!”


Some tips for success to future SDRs:

“Trust the process of Vendition and trust the people you’ll receive coaching from.”

“When you do get to work as an apprentice, come out swinging and don’t be afraid to try.”

“When you need it, lean in for advice.”