This week, we’re highlighting Rene Hidalgo as the Vendition Apprentice of the Week.  Rene first started working with us in May, and in that time he’s gone from SDR Apprentice, to SDR, to now Talent Manager with InterviewJet—talk about growth potential!


Check out the rest of Rene’s Vendition story here:

“Originally, Hailey found me on LinkedIn and reached out to see if I’d be interested in working with Vendition.  When I had first started looking for new opportunities, I was looking for a tech platform with a small office environment, a lot of mobility, and growth potential.  I had a brief background in tech sales, but that just wasn’t the fit I was looking for. Hailey was really nice and really helpful throughout the process. She emailed out material about each company, and she explained to me what they were looking for.

“When it came down to it, the interview was pretty easy, and I had the skills InterviewJet was looking for.

“Once I got the job and was hired for the apprenticeship, I noticed the freedom InterviewJet gave me.  Essentially, they allowed me to create my own workload. Through trial and error, I learned a lot—how to use LinkedIn, how to prospect, and the best way to do social selling.

“A huge part of the trial and error process was working with the Vendition coach, Ashleigh.  She would explain how who you’re speaking with is going to change your approach. She would teach me about building a customer profile and that would help me with figuring out what kinds of messages I was going to use.  She was so helpful when it came down to basic pipeline management. Ashleigh was always there for me, she always followed up even when things got too busy for me. She’s done the role before and knew exactly what I needed.

“Because I hadn’t established a playbook yet when I started at InterviewJet, we’ve now rolled out a more targeted campaign.  My biggest advice, because it made it pretty easy for me, is to try something new every week.”


Now that Rene’s gotten his feet wet at InterviewJet, he’s moved into a completely different role as Talent Manager, and he’s continuing to see success.  We cannot wait to see where this takes you, Rene!