Congratulations to this week’s Apprentice of the Week, Monica Meier, at Trovata! Monica’s initial job search was targeted towards Marketing roles, but she turned her attention to sales soon after. Monica grew up around sales, as her mom has held a sales position her entire life. “I watched my mom in sales and had always thought it looked like so much fun. I love connecting with others and that’s honestly the reason I made the switch from marketing to sales.” 

At first, Monica was hesitant about joining a startup, as she was looking to start her sales journey at an established company. Luckily, Trovata provided her with stability while also having the organic nature of a growing company. “Trovata is backed by JP Morgan and Wells Fargo, that was huge for me. I love startup culture and I’m fortunate that Trovata is credible and stable while also providing the dynamics of a startup.”

By utilizing Vendition’s resources, Monica was able to grow quickly into the SDR role. “So much has changed from Day One thanks to Vendition. I used every resource available to me. I went to Tyler‘s (Vendition Coach) office hours every week and he really helped me sharpen my cold calling skills. Talking to my fellow Apprentices during those meetings was a great way to learn as well.”

Through her coaching sessions with Tyler, Monica was able to break out of her “polite” shell and become more aggressive when it came to selling. “Tyler helped me get over being scared of cold calling and encouraged me to be more aggressive. I’m very polite and it wasn’t easy for me in the beginning, but now it’s second-nature.”

In just two months, Monica went from a first-time cold caller to hitting quota! When asked for her top tips for aspiring SDRs Monica emphasized…

  1. Be confident — she started out having some trouble with being aggressive but having the confidence to break out of her typical polite shell was key; AND
  2. Rely on your network and support system. “It’s important to learn from those who have been there longer than you have, they can give great insight into what it takes to succeed. Using Vendition to its fullest extent is my tip to new apprentices specifically.”

Keep up the amazing work Monica! We are very excited to keep following your sales journey.