Sometimes your gut knows, all you have to do is listen to it. Having been a classic extrovert her whole life, Jessica Penny‘s gut was telling her to apply the customer-facing experience she gained to apply to sales, and more particularly, tech sales. “I wanted to pair my customer facing experience with the thrill of solving somebody else’s problems, all while bringing revenue into the organization. I felt that it was just a very natural progression for me and my career to continue by selling.”

Naturally, our Apprentice of the Week knew exactly where she wanted to go in sales at first glance.  Working with Vendition, Jessica was exposed to many different opportunities in tech sales, but Hyro stood out to her from the very beginning. Hyro develops the next generation of virtual assistants with voice and text interactions across all digital channels. There are countless directions a company like Hyro could go with conversational technology… “Though there are no boundaries to the industries we can work with and influence, I have the special opportunity to work in the healthcare vertical, which was particularly attractive to me. It really feels like Hyro is taking an incredible technology and applying it to an area where we can make a significant impact.”

Through Vendition’s Apprenticeship at Hyro, she was able to hit the ground running, diving into outreach immediately and attending virtual conferences. With continued learning and additional responsibility, she refined her processes into a more account-based approach. “Today there’s more of a methodology behind my approach. I’ve been able to apply my research and learnings from the previous weeks to iterate on my ongoing outreach efforts..”

Her efforts are paying off! Given her second week of the Apprenticeship, she scheduled a first meeting with a C-Suite executive that is now heading into a third conversation this week.  Another win: she’s also received validation that of the hundreds of sales emails a CIO received, hers stood out the most! 

At the end of the day, trust your gut, iterate off your learnings, and don’t settle for mediocrity! Congratulations Jessica, and we look forward to watching your continued path of success in Tech Sales.