There are multiple ways to get to the same destination. In this case we could say the destination is a career in sales. Some of us start our career in sales while others stumble upon it or discover it based on circumstance, self discovery, or exposure. Chidi may not have started in sales, but as he learned more about himself, he realized more and more how sales, specifically technical sales, fit almost perfectly with his experience and personality. 

In addition to moving from Nigeria to the United States, Chidi took the plunge from a Masters in Embedded Electrical and Computer Systems at San Francisco State University into technical sales where he could combine his interpersonal skills with his technical expertise. Chidi recognized his two strong suits would set him up well to be in tech sales. “I’m an engineer by education and salesperson by nature.” It wasn’t until the end of his Masters that he didn’t want to be 100% technical during his day-to-day. “I drove a bit for work in my time living here, and I found that I loved that kind of connection with people on a more human level. Mind you, I only moved from Nigeria five years ago, so I especially enjoyed communicating with people from all different backgrounds and cultures while driving.”

AdLibertas was a fit for two reasons: 1) the technical environment, both product and team, and 2) the connection Chidi instantly felt with leadership. “Working with Vendition’s Senior Relationship Manager, Gabriella, was great because she understood how my skills, background, and interests would match what Adam at AdLibertas was looking for. And I’m not kidding, this was a perfect Bumble match. Interviewing with Adam and working with a team of strictly engineers, it was clear he’d be an amazing manager to work with in this environment.”

Resourced with Vendition’s coach who provided additional sales development advice in addition to Adam and the AdLibertas team, the Apprenticeship was an excellent transition into his first professional role in the United States. “Sam [Vendition coach] was not just my coach, he also became a friend. With his expertise and support, he not only taught me how to outreach, he also helped me think through how to approach the client.  I came to a point where I merged both Adam’s expertise with Sam’s coaching and applied it to our process. I had the best of both worlds working with both of them.”

Chidi is receiving recognition for his work ethic and is at the point where he can see the fruits of his labor. His manager Adam echoes that sentiment, “Chidi has FAST made himself indispensable to our team. He’s quick-to-learn, has a great work ethic and his can-do attitude make him a perfect fit for AdLibertas.”  With his engineering background, he’s been able to assist with the full cycle and has even become more involved with account management.

“It’s been a journey. I’m on course to where I want to be; I can see where I’m going and I’m grateful for it.”