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Applying for any early career sales position can be difficult. Jobs that used to say “no experience required” are now seeing applicants with years of experience. Resumes limit you to only sharing your work history – but what if you don’t have transferable experience, or any experience at all?
You know you’re the exact person the company is looking for, if they would only interview you. So how do you stand out from the crowd? By going beyond the resume with Vendition.
85 percent of career
With the Vendition Success Aptitude Test (VSAT) and the propriety Candidate Platform as part of your application process with Vendition, you are able to give companies the full story on who you are and why you’re the person they want to hire for their open sales position.

What is the VSAT?

Built on university-led research coupled with Vendition’s years of experience, the Vendition Success Aptitude Test (VSAT) assesses your specific makeup of social, emotional, and behavioral skills – aka soft skills. 
self management, social engagement, cooperation, emotional resilience, innovation
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Soft skills are attributes that enable you to interact effectively and amicably with other people in the workplace. They are essential to professional success and are highly desired by employers, but understanding what soft skills are your strengths can be difficult for them to judge.
After completing the VSAT, your unique soft skills profile is displayed to Vendition’s hiring partners, along with your full application, which allows them to see if your combination of skills is a match for their specific sales role. For example, one company’s role may require a high level of independence, but the same role at a different company may need someone who is stronger in time management and organization. Just as you want your skills to be a great fit for a role so you’re successful, so too do the companies who partner with Vendition.

How to complete the VSAT

Completing your VSAT assessment is easy!

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Create your Vendition Candidate Profile account at
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Share any work, internship, or volunteer experience along with answering two video prompts.
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Answer the 5-minute VSAT that measures your aptitude in each of the five key domains.
From there, your completed Candidate Profile will be reviewed by one of Vendition’s expert recruiters to see if you’re a potential match for any sales opportunities at our hiring companies. If you are a match, you will be moved to an interview process to further assess your fit.
Want some great advice on completing your profile? Check out our blog How to Ace Your Vendition Profile.

You may be thinking…

  • Why are soft skills so important anyway?
  • What if this VSAT assessment is wrong about me?
  • Can’t someone “beat” the test and make themselves look better than me?
  • How do I know this even works?

And here’s the rundown…

Companies hire for on soft skills every day as they want employees who have the right experiences and skill sets to be successful. Each person’s soft skills set is unique, so lean into what makes you, you!
By developing your soft skills, you will be more attractive to employers and can use your hard skills – like math or software knowledge – more effectively.

92% of talent professionals say soft skills are actually more important than hard skills – LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report

Why companies prefer VSAT and Vendition

With so many job applicants on the market today, companies are screening hundreds of people for one role. Because the interview process is time consuming, they turn to Vendition to be personally matched with candidates who fit their open role, eliminating all the time they waste in reviewing resumes and screening applicants.
And with the VSAT and Vendition’s Candidate Profile, our hiring companies get to know you on a more personal level beyond what your work experience says. The benefit: they’re more confident at the start of their interview process and can move quickly to make you an offer.
89 of recruiters say when a hire doesnt work out it usually comes down to a lack of soft skills LinkedIns 2019 Global Talent Trends report 9