“Working with Vendition gave me a lot of options, big or small, with different types of products and services. My Relationship Manager really broke down all the different opportunities that would be available to me. I wanted something that was very mission-driven and personal and professional growth for me. It took me one or two tries but I couldn’t have asked for a better fit.

The transition from apprentice to full hire felt relatively seamless – it wasn’t just a three month scam to just get some cheap work, but a really supportive program to support my long term career growth. Our CEO went out of his way to make sure the transition went through as smoothly as possible. Overall, Vendition’s Apprenticeship is a wonderful program–you guys were there for me when trying to transition out of my past role. It’s awesome what James and the team have been able to build, to give opportunities for people like me to shift careers.

Vendition made me more hirable and easier to ramp up—I just really appreciate the program for getting me here.”