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Refer anyone to Vendition and earn up to $1,250 worth of rewards.

Yes. It is That Simple.

Let’s build a community together. 

How does the Vendition referral program work?

Step 1

Fill out the referral application and enter the name, email, and LinkedIn profile of the individual that would like to refer to Vendition.

Step 2

The referee must be accepted into our Paid Apprenticeship. *Not all applicants are accepted into the apprenticeship. *

Step 3

Once the referee is accepted into the apprenticeship and placed with a partner company for a full-time role, you will be rewarded through our Tier program below. For each candidate (up to 5) that you refer, you will get:

1st Referral: Amazon Echo
2nd Referral: AirPods
3rd Referral: $200 Ticketmaster Gift Card
4th Referral: Skydiving or Extreme Sport
5th Referral: $500 Airbnb Gift Card
6+ Referrals: Premium Custom Rewards $500+

Complete the Referral Form

Recent Success Stories

It’s been a learning experience where I thought I knew the basics on how to be a salesperson, and I really didn’t. I’ve learned a lot from Ashleigh, and I’ve learned a lot from Mend. This apprenticeship has made me into someone who’s more influential and into someone who can create a process.

I completed my three month apprenticeship, and I converted into a full hire. A week later, I moved into a management position, because they created a role for me to become SDR manager. Immediately I was managing the team and they moved another guy I started with to inbound — so we’re both rocking it.

Gary Adams, Outbound Sales Manager at Mend VIP

I’m really grateful to have found Vendition. It’s been a huge relief to go from being so stressed out to feeling financially secure and having people invest in me. The Vendition team did a great job, it fit the first time.

Christian Meskers, Sales Development Representative at Voxy

The great thing about working with Ashleigh is that she gets to know you as a salesperson and an individual. She helped me with calendar management and organizing CRM on the back end. Sometimes I get a little disorganized, which only hurts my sales process. Ashleigh taught me how to use my time more effectively.

Sarah Shank, Sales Development Representative at Getaround
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