Sales Development

Hire, train, and mentor top talent
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What does Vendition provide?

  • Unlimited sourcing & recruiting
  • Content library
  • Live group training sessions
  • 1 on 1 Mentorship
  • Ongoing alumni support
  • Community building

Vendition runs a Registered Apprenticeship program through the US Department of Labor

All costs are covered by government funding and grants. The training and mentoring are free services to both the candidate and the employer.

Why formalize a training and mentorship program?

  • Attract top talent: 86% of job seekers would pick a company with a formalized learning and development program over a company without one.
  • Higher quota attainment: Sales reps with mentors generate 19% more monthly revenue than those without a mentor.
  • Improved employee retention: Employees who are involved in mentoring programs have a 51% higher retention rate than those not involved.

Interested in free training and mentorship? Talk to a member of our team.