Mentorship makes an impact

Improve job performance,
work satisfaction, and employee retention

Vendition offers 1 year of optional mentorship to all individuals hired by our partners for free

  • Online content library with hard skill and soft skill curriculum
  • Monthly live mentorship sessions
  • Community of mentors and mentees
  • Weekly live office hours
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Mentorship by The Numbers

  • 153% increase in retention rates for women and BIPOC with a mentor than from those without a mentor (source: Forbes)
  • 91% of workers who have a mentor are satisfied with their jobs (source: CNBC)
  • 82% of employees with mentors felt empowered, had greater confidence, and statistically outperformed their peers (source: WSJ)

Hear from your peers

Hear how the Mentorship helped sales and talent leaders just like you build successful teams with Vendition!
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