Frequently Asked Questions
for Companies

How does Vendition differ from other job boards?

While traditional job boards might flood you with an overwhelming number of applicants, Vendition takes a smarter, more human-centric approach. We offer you the power to source talent and filter with precision, ensuring you connect with candidates who have not only been thoroughly vetted by our team but also possess specific social, emotional, and behavioral skills that match your needs. Plus, with the option to watch candidate videos before deciding to interview, you gain valuable insights early in the process. Vendition is your shortcut to saving hundreds of hours on candidate screening, presenting you only with those who are a perfect fit for your open roles.

Why should I work with Vendition rather than a traditional recruiter?

  • With Vendition, you gain access to valuable data on candidates’ social, emotional, and behavioral skills, along with the ability to watch video interviews before making decisions. 
  • Vendition offers a pricing model that breaks away from the traditional recruiter fees, which can amount to a minimum of 20% of a candidate’s base salary. With us, you pay a monthly fee that grants you unlimited access to our platform. This means you can hire as many candidates as you need for any number of roles without incurring additional costs.

I only need to hire one person and I’m not sure about our hiring plans for the next 12 months. Would it still make sense for me to partner with Vendition?

Absolutely! At Vendition, we’re here to support your hiring needs, whether you’re building an entire team or just looking for that one perfect candidate. For those who have occasional or one-off hiring requirements, we offer a flexible pay-per-hire option. You’ll receive all the same exceptional support and access to our platform as our premium package users, ensuring you find the ideal fit without the commitment of a monthly fee. We’re your go-to partner, no matter the scale of your hiring needs.

What do you mean by “unlimited hires on Vendition’s payroll”?

We understand that hiring expenses can add up, and that’s why we offer a contract-to-hire model for our partner companies. If you choose, we can put your new hires on Vendition’s payroll for the first three months. This arrangement allows your company to assess whether the hire is the best long-term fit before making a more permanent commitment, offering both flexibility and cost-effectiveness in your hiring process.