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Sourcing early career sales talent is hard

Too few quality candidates

Despite your best job description, the applicants you’re seeing aren’t fitting your specific requirements.

Missing the total package

Candidates can look great on paper, but the resume doesn’t give you the critical information on their soft skills and selling abilities.

Lack of training

Early career sales hires need extra support, but your team doesn’t have the right program in place yet to help them succeed.

Add in trying to find someone who really gets value-based selling for Business Services, mixed with sourcing being only one of the many responsibilities you have as a sales or talent leader, and you can feel stretched to the limit.
Make sourcing and onboarding top quality early career salespeople the easiest part of your job when you partner with Vendition.

Source better, hire faster with Vendition

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Use Vendition as a complement to your current sourcing strategy to ensure you are getting the most qualified applicants into your pipeline, whether you are:
  • Hiring your first entry-level salesperson
  • Seeking more diversity in applicants
  • Confirming you’re seeing the best candidates out there
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The difference: sourcing for soft skills

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At Vendition, every applicant we interview is screened using the revolutionary Vendition Success Aptitude Test (VSAT), developed from leading university research to test for soft skills, and our proprietary assessment process. You now see their resume experience plus beyond-the-resume visibility into each candidate’s social, emotional, and behavioral strengths.
And after you hire, we continue soft skills and technical skills development through a complimentary 12-week Mentorship program to ensure you new hire quickly onboards and ramps into a leading salesperson.

92% of talent professionals says soft skills are actually more important than hard skills, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report.

For Sales Leaders

You need the ultimate bench of quality, diverse, top tier talen ready to join your sales team – and now.

When you partner with Vendition, you gain access to our deep pool of 100,000+ diverse and stringently screen candidates.

And because you only see hand-selected candidates who match your ideal hire profile, you can anticipate meeting your next hire in less than five introductions.

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For HR & People Leaders

Sales can often by the most difficult role for you to fill in a company full of specialists, adding hours to your to-do list.

Vendition provides you with something other job boards don’t have – personalized support to filter you only the most qualified, pre-vetted candidates so you can max out what you can get done in a day.

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Hear from our customers

Vendition lives and breathes for sourcing talented early career salespeople for Business Services companies.
With a track record of over 600 hiring companies finding highly qualified, ambitious, and coachable salespeople from diverse backgrounds, we are ready to help you too!
Hear the leaders and sales team at Muck Rack, the leaders in public relations software, share how Vendition helped their organization build a non-cookie cutter sales team of diverse individuals – and the success they experienced because of it.
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