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has successfully completed the Vendition Collegiate Sales Certification

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James Nielsen CEO, Vendition

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Vendition Sales Society – Collegiate Sales Certification


Vendition’s Collegiate Sales Certification is a 3 module sales course for college students interested in learning about sales, gaining real-world experience, and preparing for internships and jobs.  The curriculum, assessments, and real-life selling experiences were designed by the world’s best sales trainers and approved by the world’s best companies to validate students that have completed the modules and passed the certification are prepared to enter the job market as sales professionals.

Graduates of the Collegiate Sales Certification have:

  • Completed Vendition’s Sales Bootcamp course including creating cold calls and sending cold emails
  • Completed the Vendition Salesforce Certification including live Salesforce demo with a certified proctor
  • Made hundreds of real life cold calls selling real products