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What is Vendition?

Learn why Vendition believes strongly in potential over credentials when it comes to you becoming a great salesperson, and how we provide you with valuable experience to help get you hired – all for free.

What is a Sales Mentorship?

Hear Lead Career Advisor Sydney Brown share exactly what a Mentorship is and how it supports you as you start a sales career.

How do I apply?

Lead Career Advisor Sydney Brown walks through the application process and what info you will need to share in order to be considered for Vendition’s Mentorship program.

What should my video application cover?

Vendition’s Mentorship application process asks for two simple videos to get to know you better; Lead Career Advisor Sydney Brown shares the details on what you should include.

What happens after I apply?

After completing your Vendition Candidate Profile, Lead Career Advisor Sydney Brown outlines what your potential next steps look like in order to be considered for the Mentorship.

Any advice for after my application is submitted?

We know that once you submit your application, you’re eager to get started! Lead Career Advisor Sydney Brown provides suggestions for what to do while you wait to hear from us.

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Top Asked Questions

Do I need to check in on my Profile after I submit it?

No, there is no need to check on it. You will get a confirmation email confirming your profile has been received. Since we are a matchmaking process, if we’re not reaching out, there may not be any openings in your location or time zone at this time.

What’s my next step after completing my Profile and finishing Sales Bootcamp?

As hard as it may be as we know you’re excited, our advice is to wait. We will do our best to connect you with opportunities in your location or time zone, if/when opportunities become available that looks like a potential fit for you.

What are the hours / stipend if you land a Mentorship?

Roles are full-time, Monday through Friday, with hours typically between 8am to 5pm local time. Those in a Mentorship earn $3000 per month for the 3 months of the Mentorship, for a total of $9000.

Do you have any partnerships with recruiting agencies?

Although recruiting roles can be similar to sales roles, Vendition is only hiring for early career sales roles at this time.

I haven’t heard from Vendition after completing my profile. Is this normal?

Yes, we will only reach out if there are opportunities in your location or time zone that you are a potential fit for based on your profile.

Is there a timetable for when I’ll be contacted?

Once your profile is in process, we will let you know that we have received your information and that it is in our database. As far as when you will start the interview process, it’s all dependent on which hiring partners we have who are actively seeking salespeople and what you potentially will be a match for.

I have told there are no placements for me, what do I do?

We actively have new hiring partners joining Vendition and current partners opening up opportunities daily. However, we need to make sure that you’re a match for the hiring partner – be it location, time zone, or specific needs. Ultimately it’s up to the hiring partners on who/when they decide to hire, but we advocate for you to be up for consideration when they do open a position.

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