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“I’ve been able to build a whole SDR playbook by mapping out the SDR workflow to help the next SDR start. I never thought three months ago that I’d be able to do something like that.”
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“Now I’m at a company whose atmosphere is not only awesome, but a perfect place to grow to new heights. Thanks Vendition!”
“Vendition really helped me get my foot in the door and break into the tech sales space, and I am very thankful for that.”
“I applied to Vendition’s sales apprenticeship program and they directed me to finding the perfect entry-level SaaS sales position within two weeks.”
“When the Vendition team reached out, they showed me that there are a ton of opportunities in the industry right now.”
“I came from a place with no experience in tech, and Vendition was able to help me get through that barrier.”
“Vendition was a great resource for me to transition into the sales industry. When you have a great team to support you, it’s not hard to come in to grind.”