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 Grow your SDR team with the best and most diverse pool of candidates on the market

No Recruiting Fees for any Vendition SDR Apprentice starting between April 1 and July 1

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Vendition has seen a massive number of waiters and waitresses, bartenders, personal trainers from gyms, and retail sales professionals lose their job and turn to Vendition to make a transition to a new career. We also have hundreds of college students about to graduate that are hoping to become SDRs.

Vendition is offering to waive recruiting fees for all Vendition SDR Apprentices starting between April 1, 2020 to July 1, 2020. 

Email to learn more about this offer or schedule time to speak with us now.

Apprenticeship-to-Hire SDR

Need an SDR but don’t have the recruiting budget to pay for external help?

Bring on an SDR through our Apprenticeship-to-Hire program and at the end of the Apprenticeship, you decide if you want them to officially join your team.

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Recent Success Stories

greg russell

We don’t work with external agencies, but we work with Vendition because I don’t think of them in the same way that I think of traditional (low-value) recruitment agencies. They are sales experts and talent scouts who really know the market and provide extra value. We hired one of our top performers through them and, because of their apprenticeship model, we actually spent less to hire that first hire than had our own internal team sourced the candidate.

Greg Russell, Head of Talent at Snapdocs
melanie graff

My team and I have been working with Vendition for about a year, and have brought onboard several of their Apprentices. To date, all Apprentices who have completed the 12-week program have been converted to full time Iterable Sales Development Representatives. Organizationally, we have a policy of not engaging traditional external staffing resources for SDR hiring. Vendition has offered us the perfect opportunity to have a wide pipeline of great junior talent to select from, in a cost-neutral manner. Vendition is a valuable partner to Iterable!

Melanie Graff, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at Iterable
joe humphries

When Vendition came to my attention, I thought it was too good to be true. BentoBox had been looking for a solution for hiring inside salespeople and not having much luck. Vendition’s model was perfect for us: cost effective (nearly equivalent to what we’d spend on a direct hire), and talent that’s thoroughly trained on cold calling best practices. Our relationship with Vendition feels more like a partnership than a transaction.

Joe Humphries, VP of People & Culture at BentoBox

What Makes Vendition Sales Apprentices Better?

Better Candidates

We pre-screen and send you the best and brightest SDRs based on your team’s needs. No hassle.

Better Training

Our candidates are better prepared to tackle the challenges of their first few months on the job and meet quota faster

Guaranteed Hiring

Remove the possibility of a bad hire and guarantee your next hire is a top performer

Frequently Asked Questions

No recruiting fees? Is this real?

Yes, it’s real. We’ll waive the recruiting fees for hiring a Vendition SDR Apprentice.

How much does this cost?

An SDR typically costs a company between $6,000 and $8,000 per month when you factor in base salary, variable comp, taxes, health benefits, etc. Whether you hire a Vendition Apprentice or do this on your own, expect your SDR to cost you about $6,000 to $8,000 per month for every month they work for you.

How can I start seeing your candidates?

Email and we’ll explain how to start seeing candidates.

Do your candidates know how to use Salesforce?

Yes, all SDR apprentices will go through Salesforce training before day 1. In fact, they take a 5-day Sales Bootcamp™ in addition to the Salesforce course.

What’s my commitment?

No commitment. If you don’t find anyone you like, don’t hire anyone. Zero risk.

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