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Join us as we revolutionize the way top candidates meet top companies by going beyond the resume

Who we are

Vendition has been focused on sourcing qualified candidates for early career roles since day 1. We believe the resume is outdated and it’s time for a platform to highlight potential over credentials when it comes to early career jobs.


Since our inception in 2015, Vendition has worked with over 600 companies to help them go beyond the resume and hire for soft skills instead of work experience.


Our 360-degree vetting process includes technology assessments and a Vendition recruiting evaluating each and every candidate before being admitted.

Our Mission

We personally and mutually match high growth companies with vetted and ambitious early career professionals to build dynamic teams that change the way business is done.

Our Vision

We will be the early career job matching platform of choice by transforming the way companies evaluate and hire early career professionals based on potential instead of credentials.

Our Values

Integrity: we are honest and truthful with each other and those we connect with and do what we believe is the right thing for our customers and employees.
Diversity: we respect, embrace, support, celebrate and nurture each person and their unique perspective; we thoughtfully build our team to ensure representation from all walks of life; we intentionally recruit, train and mentor apprentice candidates from non-traditional backgrounds; and we educate our hiring partners on the importance of having a diverse team.
Execution: we turn plans into actions so our goals become reality and recognize that by taking ownership of our choices, we can cause positive or negative change in our company, our customers and our communities.
Attitude: we operate with positive intent each and every day, and we encourage our colleagues and those we interact with to take the same approach.
Support: we encourage each other, our candidates, our apprentices, our alumni and our hiring partners to be their best selves personally and professionally.

Our Team

Spread from coast to coast, our team is passionate about the people we connect with every day and making the corporate world more accessible to all. We bring that energy to not only our work, but also to building a culture that everyone feels valued and seen in.
From company lunches and small team gatherings, to education and trainings, we recognize the value each of our team brings and the potential for greatness that every person has.
About Us Team Collage


becc linkedin bw

Becc Holland

CEO and Founder of Flip the Script. Becc helps current SDRs by creating and sharing cutting edge best practices in Sales Development.

trish bertuzzi2

Trish Bertuzzi

President of The Bridge Group and best selling author of The Sales Development Playbook. Trish is a world-renowned inside sales expert and advocate.

david bw

David Dulany

CEO of Sales Development consulting firm, Tenbound, David is 100% focused on helping the Sales Development community grow and improve. David is also the owner of The Sales Development Conference.

Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson

CEO of Score More Sales, a sales enablement firm focused on mid-market sales teams. Lori speaks frequently about the sales profession at college campuses and industry events.

aaron ross2

Aaron Ross

Best selling author of Predictable Revenue and well known for creating $100 million in outbound revenue at Salesforce. Aaron is known as the Godfather of Sales Development.

max altschuler2

Max Altschuler

CEO of Sales Hacker and best selling author of Hacking Sales. Max has created a leading brand of sales events, conferences, and thought leadership.